Whether one is raising a family or is a young and adventurous single, Dartmouth is an ideal place to call “home.” Being a mid-sized town with a little over 20,000 residents, (the fifth largest in the Commonwealth), it is the perfect combination of safe and entertaining. At Milbury & Company, we take great pride in our professionals’ intimate knowledge of the area and enthusiastically offer our services in helping clients to discover their dream home in Dartmouth.

A Little History

Settled way back in 1652, Dartmouth is an idyllic coastal town located in Bristol County, Massachusetts, approximately an hour south of Boston and just east of Providence. Originally part of the storied Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the first English chartered colony having the distinction of being governed by those who lived outside of England, this lovely community is part of a chain of historic coastal villages that dot the Massachusetts South Coast region.

At an early part of its history, Dartmouth was acquired by the Society of Friends or, as they are more commonly known, the Quakers. Visitors can still view the old Quaker meeting houses in town, such the Apponegansett Meeting House, which proudly occupies place on the National Register of Historic Places.


Dartmouth is a model for families, as exemplified by its outstanding schools, safe neighborhoods, and a wide range of enjoyable activities made available year-round to both young and old.

Of particular note is the Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust (DNRT), which has in its charge well over 1,500 acres of land comprised of 35 miles of hiking trails, ocean and river walks, and a myriad of activities that cater to residents, such as photography tours, a summer outdoor yoga program, and even bird watching activities, to name just a few. Every year Dartmouth also offers a summer evening Barn Bash and winter fundraising auction.

The Fabric of Diversity

Dartmouth, being both culturally and socially diverse, still retains a sense of unity and a proud community identity. No matter one’s career, interests, or family situation, the community is a welcoming place, ready to extend its warm embrace to newcomers.

Scenic Beauty

With a gorgeous waterfront and surrounding countryside, Dartmouth is an absolutely lovely place to put down one’s proverbial roots. No matter the season, stunning views are easily discovered and abundant. Though bounded by beautiful rivers, verdant forests, and breathtaking natural areas, Dartmouth also offers a thriving commercial district comprised of a surprising range of local and nationally-recognized businesses, serving as a regional shopping destination.

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