Just a couple of years ago, this sublime seaside town was distinguished by being named one of the most scenic locations on the East Coast. Situated on the lovely shores of Buzzards Bay, Fairhaven, Massachusetts sits directly across the harbor from the legendary whaling port of New Bedford. As suggested in its name, Fairhaven is a scenic and friendly haven of a town. For untold years people have relocated here for its beauty and its warm, welcoming community. (Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, certainly agreed as he called Fairhaven “home” during the summer months.) With an abundance of educational careers and social opportunities, this endearing small town is a place where families will find an environment that is both enriching and nourishing.

Town Background

The town of Fairhaven was first settled way back in 1659 and was originally named “Cushnea,” from the Wampanoag Native American word meaning “peaceful resting place near water,” originally derived from the tribe that sold the land to the Puritans who inhabited the lands abutting the river that is referenced in the word’s meaning. (The town sits upon land that was purchased by English settlers from the historic Plymouth Colony.)


Having unparalleled access to gorgeous beaches and picturesque waterfronts, Fairhaven is a seaside wonder that is sure to provide countless good times, breathtaking views, and stunning beauty throughout the four, distinctive seasons afforded to those who are blessed with living in this part of the country.


Fairhaven is a welcoming and safe place, with a lively community comprised of families and individuals who are all passionate about their homes, nurturing their community relationships and in treating their neighbors with respect. Newcomers tend to feel warmly welcomed here making Fairhaven a wonderful place to put down roots and create a home. Should the idea of Fairhaven appeal to you and your family, feel free to contact us at Milbury & Company to explore finding your potential dream home! We invite you to contact one of our friendly professionals today, knowing full well that we stand by ready and happy to help.