As is often the case with many of Massachusetts’ seaside towns, the town of Mattapoisett gets its name from native Americans, in this case the Wampanoag Indians in their description of the area as, literally, a “a place of rest.” Regardless of the sublime title of this special New England coastal town, with its prime location being on the famous Buzzard’s Bay, Mattapoisett can’t be beat when it comes to its supreme family-friendly life. Inhabiting an area of almost 20 square miles, this town offers a range of lifestyle options along with a myriad of types of residential choices, from seaside residences and colonial village homes to exclusive suburban developments and dreamy farmland residences.

The Town’s History

Taking just a cursory glance of the town’s beautiful architecture, one can witness the historic significance of Mattapoisett. Multiple generations have built lives here and, via their efforts, have created a close-knit and diverse community. As is the case with many small cities and towns in this region, Mattapoisett traces its identity back quite a distance in time. Prior to the 19th Century, it was a village under the governance of Rochester, but was remarkably self-sustaining and independent of other area villages. (This was in no small part due to travel being notoriously tough and time-consuming back in the day.) After the turn of the 19th Century, the town became renowned as a ship-building community, making vessels in a range of sizes and weight. However, shipbuilding came to an abrupt end prior to the turn of the 20th Century, along with the “Salt Works,” which was an enterprise that put out enormous quantities of salt derived from the town’s coastal access to sea water. Once the whaling and big sailing ship industries came to a halt, the lovely town was transformed into a “summering place” for the big city denizens of Boston.


Though relatively quiet, Mattapoisett still retains a vibrancy that belies its safe and calm ambience. Indeed, the crime rates are low and the town’s neighborhoods safe, statistically speaking, due to the citizenry being wholly invested in community betterment. Making Mattapoisett your home will likely ensure peace of mind, along with a certain lack of noisy neighbors and loud interlopers.


No matter your financial situation, the people of Mattapoisett are a welcoming lot. There is a place for everyone in this town, whether it be in a farm house, a suburban split-level, or a luxurious waterfront property. No matter your station, you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy living in this attractive, family-friendly town. To find out more about Mattapoisett or to seek our help in finding a home, we welcome you to get in touch with us today. Our team at Milbury & Company stand by, sincerely eager to help!