Being one of the larger and longer-standing Massachusetts coastal towns, Rochester still remains as a terrific place to raise families, for proverbial “empty nesters,” and for those looking to start afresh. With a friendly community and gorgeous scenery, it is an ideal place to build a life and create a home. And, speaking of homes, here one can discover spacious and well-kept properties, along with neighborhoods that are safe and inviting.

A Historical Place Marker

Rochester was founded in 1679 on lands referred to as “Sippican” by the eponymous local Native American tribe, situated on the coast of Buzzards Bay. The town was incorporated in 1686 as Rochester, named after Rochester, England, from which the town’s early settlers originated. In the early days, the town thrived due to shipbuilding and whaling out of Mattapoisett Harbor. Problematically for Rochester at the time, in the mid-1800s, the towns of Marion and Mattapoisett were separated from and reformed as separate towns, leading to Rochester becoming land-locked. After this fateful point in history, the town became mostly rural, with farming becoming the dominant money-earner for citizens.


To this day Rochester retains its pastoral ambience with its plentiful farmland and is a “Right-to-Farm” state, making it an agricultural center for the region. It was only in 2012 that the town adopted its “Right-to-Farm” bylaw, which “encourages the pursuit of agriculture, promotes agriculture-based economic opportunities, and protects farmlands within the Town of Rochester by allowing agricultural uses and related activities.” Indeed, here is where you can become part of an established farming community, should the idea of being a “gentleman farmer” appeal to you. Otherwise, you can reap the benefits of the hard work of those cultivating the stunning landscape around you.

A True Classic

Rochester is a quintessential Massachusetts town, being both a coastal enclave and one in which a family can live the old-fashioned styled American dream. From the suburbs to the abundant and verdant farmland, Rochester is a great place to build a life and make roots. If you have any questions regarding the town of Rochester, we at Milbury & Company eagerly await your inquiry and stand ready to answer any and all questions you might have about relocating to this wonderful community. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!