Located in scenic Bristol County, Massachusetts, Westport has that small-town ambience with a population of under 20,000 people. This lovely community is one comprised of a diverse array of people who all take immense pride in their town and enjoy a close-knit relationship with friends and neighbors. Westport scenic, rural, historic and waterfront features are alluring …

Some Historical background

First settled in 1670, the town got its name due it being the westernmost port in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The area was first known as ” Coaksett.” The town lies on a stretch of the Westport River and was originally vulnerable to the restive native American tribe that was not too pleased with all the settlement activity. Despite this initial resistance, eventually a handful of small mills were constructed and then successfully operated along the river. In 1787 Westport formally separated from the town Dartmouth to become an entity of its own. Of intriguing historical note was a citizen named Paul Cuffe, who was of both Native American and African blood. He was a Quaker, successful business owner, seafarer and ship builder who was born in 1759. When he died in 1817, he had attained the status of being one the wealthiest black men in all of America. Known for his brilliance, charity, and depth of character, he was credited with starting the first integrated school in America and serves as a source of pride for those citizens living in Westport today.

The Five “Villages”

The town of Westport is divided into distinctive areas, each with its own name and personality. There is North Westport, once upon a time known as Westport Factory; “Westport Point” in which the main thoroughfare meets the river; “Central Village,” where a wealth of retail shopping, offices and businesses thrive; “Head of Westport,” at the start of the east branch of the Westport River; and “Westport Harbor,” which lies between the west branch of the river and Rhode Island, which is accessed after driving through a small section of Rhode Island.

Friendly & Safe

In charming Westport, one will soon discover friendly close-knit neighborhoods comprised of a most welcoming citizenry; an area that is warmly inviting to newcomers and passersby alike. Blessed with good schools, low crime rates, and citizens who truly care about each other, Westport is a very safe place in which to raise a family. The neighborhoods themselves are peaceful and quiet, where children can play outside without parents having any undue worry.

Natural Beauty

Westport is made all the more special by its gorgeous beaches and sprawling green zones. As a resident, you will be drawn in by the unparalleled views and beauty of all the town’s scenic surroundings. When you’re ready to consider Westport as your future home, feel free to call us at Milbury & Company. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be more than happy to introduce you to the many opportunities available for you and your loved ones in this charming small town.